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Soul is the threshold through which the inspiration comes to us, the cradle of our passion in existence, is the spring nurtured by Infinite Consciousness that fills our life with Wisdom when we drink from It.

The soul is our inmaterial essence, what we can’t see but can sense, what we can’t dress but that cover us all the time, what gives meaning to a our life guiding the rational intelligence.

When we become aware that we are more than our body, our mind. our history and our circumstances, then we know that we are not alone. We realize —in a profound way— that we are connected with all of Existence, with both the visible and the invisible. And this enriches our lives exponentially.

The lenguage of the soul is silence in contemplation. With this paintings I want to offer something that goes beyond how beautiful they can be as artistic objects, presenting the viewer a way into the soul of the one depicted.

Untill now, that was reserved for the contemplation of saints, gurus, spiritual guides, and the like, but we now live in a special time in which we as humans must realize realize that we are holistic beings, whole, capable of integrating our different facets: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, relational and spiritual. To this end, meditating on our most elevated qualities has become a necessary path of personal and transpersonal growth.

  • Client photo


I ask my client for a photo, with enough resolution to see details, in which she or he feels her or himself to be especially connected and elevated in spirit and likes her or himself.
I also ask that the client tell me, through a short written description, what her or his current spirituality feels like, her or his connections, guides, allies, or simply how she or he understands spirituality.

I allow myself to draw inspiration from that information and I draw a first rough sketch of what comes to me. I then create a second, more complete color sketch on the computer, which I send to my client in case they wish to add something to what they see or provide any feedback.
Once my client has approved the sketch, I paint the alma-portrait with acrylic paint on a wooden board, and finish it with a gloss varnish.

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Please feel free to write me asking prices and delivery conditions, or whatever doubt you have to:

You can also order paintings of spiritual teachers or guides you are devoted to.

The alma-portraits are not only pieces of art but also meditation objects (appana shamadi) or devotional ones (bhakti). Their usual mandalic appearance facilitates concentration, and during the execution of the work I connect myself whith the client’s most elevated qualities, bonding the artwork with that higher source of energy and consciousness.

Besides, most of my art exhibited in this web gallery is of a smaller size (30x30cm or about 12x12in) so that they may fit on your personal altar or mandir. For larger sizes, write me for availability and prices.

May all things favor your rise and fulfillment as a Human Being!

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Alma Portraits is the web portfolio of the artist, and humanist and transpersonal psychotherapist, Alfonso Manzanares.

I want to express my gratitude to Aili Olichney who kindly corrected this English text. To contact her as a professional translator send an email to Aili

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